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In cities around the world people often feel disconnected, isolated, and in some cases disenfranchised.  We believe these times demand a movement for inclusion, unification, and an appreciation of our unique flavors and cultures.  Would you believe there are children in east Los Angeles who have never felt the sand of a Southern California beach between their toes? OR, that an incredible and rare peace labyrinth can be found in a Mid-City Los Angeles neighborhood.

SAME CITIES, is a global movement for community improvement. We use street photography and community-based experiences to create dialogue and raise funds to create awareness, unite and empower neighborhoods. Documentary Producers Sarah Anthony and Sheila Jackson came together to learn more about a local motel in their neighborhood that is known for being an epicenter of criminal activity.

We attended a hearing at City Hall on the matter and were frustrated to learn the community had been working for more than 13 years to rid the corner of the violence, drugs and prostitution.  After all their hard work there was still no guarantee of results.  So the question became what can we do that would  have an impact now. After interviewing people who live and work in the area, we discovered they’d created a wish list of resources they wanted to see established in their community. But, of course, they need access to money to meaningfully address these issues. We want to show people that when we come together ours dollars have power, and that our collective giving can change the world – one city at a time.

Our goal is to make every neighborhood a great place to live.  We invite you to join the movement – now!


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