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street photography


Street Photography 

Same Cities captures the unique spaces, cultures and histories of the neighborhoods that make up your city. It’s an opportunity to get involved, unite and improve our cities, one neighborhood at a time. We invite you to join the movement.

Enjoy a stronger connection to other parts of the city and the people in it, using the visual arts as your guide.

Learn about the historic events and rich cultures that contributed to the development of a community.

Explore listings of free, fun things to do in each neighborhood, and routes to get there on public transportation.

Discover volunteer opportunities and get involved.


Purchase your favorite image, and 90% of the proceeds go to fund exciting, new grassroots projects that empower neighborhoods to address some of their biggest challenges.

Same City Los Angeles
launches summer of 2016. Same City New York is next, with Boston, Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit, Memphis, Miami, Portland, Seattle, Mumbai, Sydney, London and many other destinations to follow.

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